To give away a tree

A tree is a wonderful present

Birthdays, weddings, giving birth, a thank you for a friend or business partner, a love message, an invitation to a party and much more ... or just because - without any special reason. Name and e-mail address of the recepient are all you need to give away a tree with a personal message. Your recipient receive the tree and a link via e-email. So he can look at the tree and the personal message. If the recipient want to, he can plant the tree on his personal planting field in his own account.

Hochzeit Geburt Liebe Business

Here's how:

  1. Buy Trees + Create an account
  2. In your account click "Give trees as a present"
  3. Select a tree from your treestock
  4. Write a personal message and send the tree

Why an account?

You can always check the current status. You can check if the tree has been "adopted" by the recipient and if necessary you can send your tree gift once more. Additionally the "give away trees" are included in your own ranking list.

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