Interesting facts about the founder


Dirk Kessler has been working in the advertising and marketing industry for many years. He has been leading an agency for 7 years and then became a business and life coach for companies and individuals.

As author and speaker he has been involved in health and happy life issues for many years. His audio book “Vital Substances” with Xavier Naidoo is a bestseller. The subject area sustainability and green and social business is the next, logical step in his life career.

For Dirk all these issues are important for a happy and fulfilling life, which he outlines over and over in his speeches and talks. In addition he works as a consultant in the green and social business field.

The organization Trees Of Life is headed by Dirk Kessler, but only with each single Plantie it becomes really alive! Thanks a lot to each one of you!

Dirk Kessler, founder of Trees Of Life