A hymn of praise for our trees

Trees are givers of life!

Currently there are 10 million square kilometers of deserted farmland on this earth, which have lush forests at the beginning of the 20th century. Today are only about one third of the landmass is still forest and at the same time they are the habitats richest in species.

Two thirds of all known animal and plant species live in forests. But forests are not only critical for the biological diversity – they are also environment, source of life and pantry for mankind. At least 60 million people live in and from forests. In addition forests protect from erosion and floods, they regulate the hydrologic balance and are essential for our climate. They disperse water and clouds are formed in the atmosphere. The clouds reflect the sunlight, cool down our climate and bring the rain so important for many regions.

Forests are the “lungs of the earth” and produce vital oxygen by transforming carbon dioxide with the help of the sunlight (photosynthesis). They filter fine particles and other dangerous substances from the air and improve the quality of our air. So how can we tolerate less and less trees?

Each tree more on our planet makes a difference! Together let us plant many more!

A hymn of praise for our trees by Trees Of Life