Tree categories of Trees Of Life

For each virtual tree a real tree is planted. There are different kinds of trees and campaigns for various occasions. And to keep it interesting, keep coming back to new trees. Either by us or by sponsors.

Trees of Life – original tree

This is our original tree which is always available. It can also be planted without creating an account. The original TOL tree is the only tree in your account, which can be converted into your own design.

Sponsor trees

Sponsor trees may also be complimentary and are provided by businesses: A company buys a certain quota of trees and offer them complimentary to interested parties. This might be done on the company’s website or via Trees of Life by typing a code into the field “tree code” and the sponsor tree will be received.

All campaigns will be given notice of and presented in a newsletter well ahead of time.

Campaign trees

The campaign trees are always bound to special campaigns, themes and occasions. To these belong also the celebrity trees as well as the cause trees for birthdays, weddings, birth, Christmas etc.

Cause trees: For special occasions, such as the Happy Birthday Tree or the Tree of Love for your beloved one or the Birth Tree when a new child is born…

Fan trees: Fan trees can be created for companies sporting clubs, companies, organizations – plain and simple memorabilia.

Celebrity trees: A special type of a fan tree. Each prominent person may design his or her own tree. Each tree is unique. Watch out! A celebrity tree might only be available for a short period of time. If you have missed this promotion timeframe there might be a second chance to get your celebrity tree some time later. Special promotions for celebrity trees will be announced early enough in the newsletter – so you will not miss your celebrity.

Activate your favourite celebrity:

There is no tree of your favourite actor or rock star? Then post a message on your star`s Facebook page to draw the attention to TOL. If enough postings are collected, there will be your favourite celeb’s tree soon.

Do you know a celebrity? Very good! Just inform him or her about our campaign and if he or she joins in, we will thank you with 20 complimentary bonus trees at a value of EUR 50,00 for your account.

Trees Of Life contests

From time to time there will be competitions and of course prizes can be won. In addition the winner will be honoured in the “Hall of Fame”.
So far there are the following categories:

Tree design contest
photo contest
video contest
contest for green ideas
contest for improvement ideas
special trees of Trees of Life
Trees Of Life raffles


For example win one year eco power, a journey to the plantation, to your real tree. A meet and great with your favourite celebrity and much more. Raffles are announced with a newsletter, so you cannot miss it.

Trees Of Life special care

Special Care

In case we have additional projects in a cultivated area or village, such as a well, a school, or a medical centre, there will be special campaigns. Planties can participate in building the well and receive a well for their plantation.

Trees Of Life Newsletter


Our TOL newsletter keeps you updated regarding the most important alterations and innovations and about the next celebrity tree. Below you can subscribe