For each virtual tree a real tree is planted!

We have chosen plantation areas in the poorest countries, as there the need is the greatest. Planting a tree does not only mean “a tree”, but it also means, work, water, food and education for the people and a living environment for a variety of animals. This is how we can really accomplish something in the longer term.

We look at our planet in its entirety and know that every action, no matter where, has effects on all of us. The trees serve our climate, counteract global warming, produce oxygen and bind carbon dioxide (photosynthesis) – to the benefit of all people on this planet. The plantations in the areas selected the trees also serve the local population.

What a Tree Of Life can do

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A Tree of Life can stop desertification, supports cloud forming and therefore provides for rain. The roots bring the water to the surface, the soil can regenerate and facilitates farming.

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Trees deliver fruit, food and medicine, bind CO2 and work against global warming.

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They provide living environment and protection for many animals and they serve us – the world – with oxygen, with life! Did you know? One healthy, fully grown tree can supply oxygen for 10 people.

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And the trees have one more thing with us in common: for one tree alone it is difficult. But many together in a forest can change whole regions and the whole world!

Trees Of Life information circle demonstration